You On Skates is two things:

1.) A place where beginning skaters can learn to skate and learn about skates and gear.
2.) A place where those who already know how to skate can learn new ways to skate and/or learn new moves

You On Skates is skating in all the ways you want to skate. Send an email with suggestions for videos to feature.

Check out Skate Instructors Association to find an instructor near you.

Please note that some of our videos may be missing due to a lawsuit pending on protective gear. We apologize that you won’t get to see some of the skate moves, and we are trying to obtain the files which would allow us to show them directly on this site.

As a disclaimer we recommend that you wear protective gear (helmet, wrist, knee, elbow) for your own safety and that you not attempt moves beyond your ability. An instructor can help break down the moves into manageable steps. Be safe, push yourself a little and remember that it always comes down to balance.

We are always looking for additional videos, please consider sending your videos to YouOnSkates for placement on the site. Your videos should offer the viewer a lesson in one or two moves, including proper breakdown for learning.

Go Skate!